This image, with Dr. Oliver L. Austin, Junior, in the center, shows the scientist with Japan's leading ornithologists and natural scientists of the twentieth century, and reflects the rebuilding of relationships and research collaboration between the US and Japan in the postwar period during a time of unequal political power. However, after the Allied Occupation, many of these men engaged in transnational scientific endeavors on the world stage, resurrecting Japan's important role in the global scientific community. An example of this is Dr. Nakamura Tsukasa (no. 26 in the photo), member of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1994 recipient of the Yamashina Yoshimaro Award, and honorary member of the American Ornithologist's Union (AOU).

Ornithologists black and white photo

The Chôgakkai (Bird Society)

(Identification of the ornithologists by Dr. Nakamura Tsukasa)
  • 2. Nakamura Yoshio (1890-1974), specimen collector, and father of Nakamura Tsukasa.
  • 3. Uchida Seinosuke (1884-1975), third generation head.
  • 4. Prince Takatsukasa Nobusuke (1890-1959), second generation head.
  • 5. Kuroda Nagamichi (1889-1978), fourth generation head.
  • 6. Dr. Oliver L. Austin, Junior (1903-1988), head of Wildlife Branch of the Natural Resources Section (NRS), for SCAP.
  • 7. Prince Yamashina Yoshimarô (1900-1989), fifth generation head.
  • 8. Marquess Hachisuka Masauji (1903-1953), sixteenth generation scion of the Hachisuka Family.
  • 9. Nakanishi Gotô (1895-1984), the first generation head of Nihon yachô no kai [Japan Wild Bird Society].
  • 24. Kuroda Nagahisa (1916-2009), sixth and eighth generation head.
  • 26. Dr. Nakamura Tsukasa (1926-Present), ornithologist, ninth generation head.
  • 30. Momiyama Tokutaro, an ornithologist and prominent taxidermist in 20th century Japan.
  • 43. Morioka Hiroyuki (1931-Present), tenth generation head.