An assortment of links we think you might find interesting:

Environmental History, Ornithology, and the Legacy of World War II in East Asia:

The American Society for Environmental Historians website is an important resource for trends in the field of environmental history and conservation practices. 
Headed by Murayama Satoshi of Kagawa University,  the Association for East Asian Environmental History is headed by a council of transnational scholars from Japan, Taiwan, the UK, and the US studying environmental history issues in East Asia.  The site serves as a valuable resource for new publications in environmental history and conferences on the topic held globally. 
This site brings together scholars and students of war's impact on the environment throughout history, which includes a blog on the relationship between mass conflict and historical environmental change and a large bibliography, which also features sections on preindustrial East Asia and World War II. 
This is the website of the Ornithology Department at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ), which houses many of the bird and animal specimens prepared by Oliver L. Austin during the Pacific War and in his work in postwar Korea and Japan.  The MCZ Collection database lists all written materials and artifacts donated by Dr. Austin over a period of decades in the mid-20th century.
The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience houses the Oliver L. Austin Slide Collection and a transcript from Professor Annika A. Culver's oral history interview, "An American Teenager's Experience in US-Occupied Tokyo" with Tony Austin, Dr. Austin's son.

Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University

The Center serves as a resource for scholarship on polar missions, including Antarctica.

Department of History, Florida State University

For more on the professors and scholarship in Florida State University's History Department, please see this website.

Florida Museum of Natural History

This museum houses collections acquired by Dr. Austin, and serves as Florida's archive for natural history. 

Lafayette East Asian Collections

This contains the Gerald and Rella Warner Collection of color photographs from the diplomat's service as US consul in Occupation-Era Tokyo.

MIT Visualizing Cultures website

This resource archives visual collections of periods in East Asian history, including postwar Japan.

Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University 

Cambridge houses materials on British explorer Robert Falcon Scott's doomed 1912 mission to the South Pole, and other sources related to Antarctic missions.